faisal javed injured in pti rally
faisal javed injured in pti rally
  • Imran Khan, former Pakistani prime minister, was injured during a rally by gunfire
  • During a rally for freedom in Wazirabad, former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was injured in a shooting. Zafarali Khan Chowk is where the incident happened, according to ARY News.
  • Leaked CCTV Video Shows Imran Khan and 4 others injured in firing during rally near Wazir abad
Imran Khan Shooting Attack Leaked CCTV Video

Here are the LIVE updates on the shooting incident in Pakistan:

During his ‘real freedom’ rally in Wazirabad on Thursday, Imran Khan was injured in a shooting. Zafarali Khan Chowk was the site of the incident, according to ARY News.

As a result of the incident, four other people were injured as well.

It was not long after the incident that Imran Khan had been transferred to a bulletproof vehicle from the container.

A shot was fired at the convoy of Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday, multiple local news channels reported.

A protest march was being led by Khan in Islamabad to demand snap elections. Media reports said he was shot in the foot, but he was out of danger.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately responded to by Fawad Chaudhry, his aide, and former information minister

In a shooting at a convoy, former Pakistani PM Khan was wounded in the foot but is out of danger.

  • Allah has given me another life, I will fight back Inshallah, Imran Khan’s latest statement.
  • First visuals of suspected assasin who opened fire at former PM Imran Khan.

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